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Pool sensitive data from multiple parties

Solutions built on Conclave securely pool and process data from multiple parties to mutualize costs and enable cross-company collaboration where not even the solution provider can see the source data without permission.

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Secure and protect data

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Confidential Computing and Intel® SGX, customer data remains secure and protected from misuse. 

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Attest remotely

Conclave app users can authenticate the hardware and software used to process their sensitive data, audit the source code of the algorithm used to process their data, and receive cryptographic proof their data is being processed only as agreed.

Accelerate time to production

We provide a range of professional services to speed up and validate solution design so you can focus on what matters—deploying confidential computing applications.

R3’s Professional Services team works with the world’s leading software firms, public companies, and government institutions to accelerate the design, development, and successful deployment of enterprise-grade solutions.

With an enterprise license, you’ll also receive access to around the clock support and dedicated account management. 

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A powerful set of features to help you build

Focus on business logic

Conclave’s innovative ‘Mail’ feature takes care of the messaging and persistence so you can focus on the business logic. All the complexities of interacting with secure enclaves are abstracted behind an intuitive API.

Compatible with
Corda Enterprise

Conclave is available as a stand-alone platform for building multi-party Confidential Computing apps and is also compatible with Corda Enterprise, R3’s flagship blockchain platform. It can also be integrated with most in-house systems to enable you to enhance or extend existing applications.


Businesses today are walking a tightrope between data protection regulation and achieving data-driven business outcomes. Leveraging Intel's hardware-based Confidential Computing technology,  R3’s privacy-centric Conclave  platform enables business to accelerate collaboration and innovation with sensitive data in a secure, trustworthy and compliant manner.

-Ralf Helkenberg, Research Manager, European Privacy and Data Security at IDC

From code complete to the cloud in minutes

Conclave works out of the box on Azure Confidential Compute VMs. Go from code complete to fully encrypted RAM in the cloud in five minutes flat. Read how to deploy your app to Azure to see how simple it is. Conclave can also easily be deployed on any Intel® SGX-enabled infrastructure.

Harness the power of Confidential Computing

Conclave-powered applications harness the capabilities of Confidential Computing and Intel® SGX  enclaves to securely pool sensitive data from multiple parties. Enclaves are regions of memory that are protected from attack by the owner of the computer on which they run, making them highly secure and ideal for multi-party applications where data privacy is a concern. 

R3 joined the Linux Foundation’s Confidential Computing Consortium in 2020 and is proud to sit alongside our peers as we work together to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of Confidential Computing in the marketplace.