Third SGX Community Day

Watch Roy Hopkins, Principal Engineer at R3, presenting "Conclave Functions - Serverless Execution Using Intel SGX". In this talk, he will present how Conclave Cloud is taking advantage of Intel SGX to ensure the integrity and privacy of the user’s data as well as providing hardware-backed assurances over the exact code that will be processing the data.

July 26, 2022
July 27, 2022
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On-Demand Webinar
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The 3rd Intel SGX community day on July 26th and 27th.  It was agreat event with a mix of talks from academic community, startups and big corporations. ver 300 people registered with strong participation on both days. The talks covered several use cases like Web3, secure AI/ML, secure stream processing, secure V2V for autonomous vehicles etc. Researchers also described challenges and enhancements for interaction with other hardware features like protection keys and persistent memory. This event provided SGX researchers and practitioners a chance to interact, build connections and get an insight into research directions and production use cases.