Privacy Engineering Made Easy

Conclave Cloud is the platform for hosting privacy-preserving services. Using the power of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), Conclave Cloud is the quickest and most effective way to deploy confidential event-driven workloads.

Conclave Cloud makes confidential computing accessible to everyone by eliminating the complexities of interacting with secure enclaves.

Protect sensitive workloads, develop new privacy-first applications or enhance the security of existing applications—it has never been easier.

Confidential Computing for every developer

Enjoy the benefits of confidential computing for your applications without becoming an expert in cryptography while using the advantages of serverless architecture for your workloads.

Simplified developer experience

Forget about the provision and management of your infrastructure. Focus on the development of the functionality and reduce time to value.

Scale when you need

Outsource the scalability challenges of your applications to the serverless architecture of Conclave Cloud.

Only Pay for what you use

Eliminate the need for upfront infrastructure provisioning. Only pay when your function is executed.


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What is Conclave Cloud?

Conclave Cloud is an integrated set of managed services to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of privacy-first services.

With Conclave Cloud, we aim to provide developers a set of composable building blocks that can be combined with other services to compose cloud-native privacy-first solutions, harnessing the power of Conclave and Intel SGX.

What are the components of Conclave Cloud?

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Conclave Functions

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Privacy preserving database

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Search over encrypted data

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Confidential Machine Learning

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Conclave Functions: How it works

Think AWS Lambda but with privacy-preserving features built in, backed by Intel SGX.

Conclave Functions is a cloud service that allows stateless functions to be hosted and executed on-demand, whilst proving that the data remains private – to everything and everyone, even the cloud provider.

Your end users can attest to the fact that the functions are running in an enclave. They can verify exactly what code will be running and know that their data is fully encrypted for the lifetime of the function call.


Conclave Cloud is here!

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What is Confidential Computing?
Confidential Computing makes it possible to know what algorithm will process your information before you send it to a third party, and to be assured that the third party cannot subvert the integrity of the algorithm or observe it while it works.

What is Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX)?

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) helps protect data in use via unique application isolation technology. Protect selected code and data from modification using hardened enclaves with Intel SGX.

What are Enclaves?

Enclaves are regions of memory that are protected from attack by the owner of the computer on which they run, making them highly secure and ideal for multi-party applications where data privacy is a concern.

What is serverless architecture of Function as a service (FaaS)?

Serverless architecture is a method of providing backend services on an as-used basis. Serverless is typified by Function as a Service, or FaaS which is a paradigm that allows stateless functions to be hosted, providing a cheaper and easier to deploy method for irregularly invoked, event-driven workloads.

Which programming languages will Conclave Functions support?


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Conclave Cloud is here!

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