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What is Conclave Cloud?

Conclave Cloud is a confidential computing platform for hosting privacy-preserving applications. Built on top of R3’s Conclave SDK, Conclave Cloud provides all the tools necessary to ensure data remains encrypted whilst in use, and can only be shared with authorised parties.

With Conclave Cloud, we aim to provide developers a set of composable building blocks that can be combined with other services to compose cloud-native privacy-first solutions, harnessing the power of Conclave and Intel SGX.

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Conclave Functions

Get started with our first service: Conclave Functions. Conclave Functions is a serverless execution environment much like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions but with end-to-end encryption between the end user and the container that runs the function. With Conclave Functions, developers can focus on writing data processing logic that will run inside an enclave. How to transfer data to and from the enclave, how to encrypt data, or how to ensure the platform integrity is maintained, is completely handled by the platform for you. 

Confidential Computing for every developer

With Conclave Cloud’s simplified developer experience, you don’t need low level coding expertise to take advantage of the benefits of confidential computing.

Don't worry about infrastructure

Forget about the provision and management of your infrastructure. Focus on the development of the functionality and reduce time to value.

Scale when you need

Outsource the scalability challenges of your applications to the serverless architecture of Conclave Cloud.

Using attestation to prove integrity

You can prove to your users that the code that you say will process their data, actually is the code that processes the data, as well as proving that you as a service host or author do not have access to the keys that encrypt the user’s data.


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