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November 30, 2022
September 8, 2022

Conclave at CordaCon 2022 – A Look at the Agenda

Take a sneak peak look at the Conclave, confidential computing, and data privacy technology sessions happening at CordaCon this September 27-28 in London.

Daniela Bentrup
Community Lead at R3

As you may have heard, CordaCon is back and will take place this September 27-28 in London. You can —and, honestly, should—check out the entire agenda of keynotes, panel discussions, and tech talks. But first, take a sneak peak look at the Conclave, confidential computing, and data privacy technology sessions happening across the two days:

CordaCon kicks off on September 27th with BizDay taking an in-depth look at business use cases and emerging trends.

  • After the opening keynote, we start with the panel “Who's Driving Data Privacy? Tech Trends and Insights” where Ivar Wiersma, Head of Conclave, talks with VCs and start-up founders about the trends in data privacy technology and how it translates to start-up activity.
  • Next on the agenda, Callum Harvie and Enrique Restoy, doing amazing work at Hope For Justice and Slave-Free Alliance, will give enlightening insight on how they leverage Conclave to pioneer a new technological approach to anti-trafficking.
  • The panel discussion “The Future is Confidential”, led by industry experts including R3’s CTO, Richard Brown, will discuss why industry collaboration and research are critical to improve confidential computing as well as the role of open source to accelerate adoption.
  • The last Conclave session on BizDay will be presented by members of the Conclave team directly. This panel will paint a vivid picture of last year’s achievements, upcoming releases, and what the future of Conclave will bring.

DevDay on September 28th is set to take a deeper dive on all things Corda and Conclave. On this day, you will gain access to hands-on developer experiences, demos, technical deep-dives, and more.

  • If you are new to the topic of privacy-preserving technologies, don’t miss the session “Confidential Computing with Intel and R3”. Here, our very own Developer Relations team, together with Benny Fuhry from Intel, will provide an introduction on confidential computing and Conclave.
  • The session “Flash Polls: A Privacy-Based Consumer Application on Conclave” is a great addition to the preceding discussion, where Software Engineer, Bogdan Paunescu, will illuminate the audience with a demo of a near real-life application built with Conclave.
  • Davi Hillesheim, software engineer on the Conclave Cloud team, will also be showcasing an insightful demo on how Conclave Cloud simplifies the usage of confidential computing to ensure the integrity and privacy of the user’s data.
  • If you feel you want to learn even more about Conclave Cloud’s functionality, join Conclave’s Principal Engineer, Roy Hopkins’ deep dive. Roy will showcase how Conclave Cloud allows complete data privacy preservation when using a pre-trained machine learning model in your application.

Head to the CordaCon site to check out the full agenda and register. We are thrilled to see you in London! However, if you cannot join us in-person, don't worry—the good news is you will find the conference recordings on-demand on the website after the event.

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