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November 30, 2022
September 21, 2022

Announcing General Availability of Conclave Cloud

We’re pleased to announce the General Availability of Conclave Cloud, a serverless confidential computing platform with built-in privacy-preserving features.

Daniela Bentrup
Community Lead at R3

Earlier this year, we announced Conclave Cloud beta, a serverless confidential computing platform with built-in privacy-preserving features. Today, we are thrilled to announce the General Availability (GA) of Conclave Cloud.

What has Conclave Cloud to offer?

Conclave Cloud is an integrated set of managed services to simplify and accelerate the deployment of privacy-first services. Conclave Cloud has delivered its first service, Conclave Functions, a privacy-preserving serverless execution environment using the Conclave SDK on top of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX). With Conclave Functions, anyone can host, execute, and scale stateless functions on demand while their data stays fully encrypted—even during processing.

What kind of applications can you develop with Conclave Cloud?

Conclave Cloud can be used to provide solutions or enhance the privacy for many different types of application, such as:  

  • Multi-party computation. Imagine multiple banks uploading transaction data into a backend for anti-money laundering processing. Conclave Cloud services can enrich the results from a single bank by combining it with the transactions from all the other banks while assuring the privacy of each bank’s individual data.
  • Protection of intellectual property. For instance, a data provider that is monetizing their collected data by allowing service vendors to upload their own machine learning algorithms to process their data. With Conclave Cloud’s use of Intel® SGX, you can provide privacy assurance of the algorithm and the data within the service.  
  • Privacy-preserving analytics in the cloud. For example, a CCTV system, consisting of a number of cameras sending images of photos and faces to be compared against a database. The images are uploaded to a Conclave Cloud application where they are processed within an enclave, preventing access to unauthorized parties.

The Future of Conclave Cloud  

The Conclave Cloud platform will bring together an expanding set of services that will seamlessly integrate with each other, providing a rich set of tools for implementing solutions without ever having to leave the Conclave Cloud platform.  

Conclave Cloud provides a new model for the development of confidential computing applications and services running on SGX hardware. It allows developers to configure a pre-existing set of services hosted within R3’s cloud platform to solve many different use cases for applications. Developers don’t need to have specialized knowledge of confidential computing, or even have to understand concepts such as attestation or how to maintain trust when multiple SGX services are deployed together. Instead, the Conclave Cloud platform hides all this complexity in the backend. Developers that have no experience with confidential computing can use Conclave Cloud to not only create a backend for their application, but also ensure the integrity of code and data within their application SDK.

What’s next?

We will keep innovating, adding new features, and stay agile to create a one-stop-shop solution for privacy-preserving services. We have several services in development and on our roadmap.

From confidential machine learning over custom enclave hosting to search over encrypted data, we can’t wait to bring all those services to Conclave Cloud.

Get started

To give Conclave Cloud a go and see how it can boost the security of your service, sign up for a free account. With the general availability of Conclave Cloud, you can start with a free tier and scale up as your needs grow. Create unlimited projects with up to 100 invocations and explore the product for free without entering your credit card details. For more information on the tiers and pricing, please visit our pricing page or click here to create your free account.

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